Weekly lessons

Don’t take everything so personal.
People are allowed to exit your life. People don’t have to like you. People don’ have to do well by you. People don’t have to acknowledge you. People will wrong you. People will throw you under the bus. People will disrespect you. People won’t be the nicest towards you. People will manipulate you. People will deceive you.

No one is thinking about you.

Everyone is living their own lives. Sometimes you end up a casualty in someone else’s plot. Someone may be a casualty in your plot.

Everything has a cause and effect. We, as humans, don’t always take the time out to think about the consequences of our every action. There are those that suffer while we prosper. We may suffer while someone else prospers, and we never even think about it.

It’s not personal.

That’s just the way it is.

cheers - xoxo, Keara.

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